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Your Opinions are Needed:
[[First! In order to help tell Roleplaying journals from Personal journals (and to then filter out the ones you did not wish to see), someone has asked if we could set up tags for the post. The mods have agreed we could give this a try, but only depending on what you guys feel. The mods would create four tags: OOC, Meta, RP Journal, Personal Journal. This could cut down on the use of location tags for people, allow you to select the grouping you would like to see, and simply alert people what your post/journal is. Tags will only be added my mods of the community.

If you are willing, and wanting to use this method let us know here or in the sixwordstories post. This is more for you all than for us.]]

We've gone ahead with the tagging due to large apparent support.

Secondly! It has been suggested (in order to help the mods stick post to the top of the community, display rules, and other general Mod nonsense of that sort) that we add a blurb to our layout. We do have one at the moment, but it is small and off to the side and easily missed. However, we may change layouts in order to accomplish this. Two of your mods have come together, and looked through some layouts and picked three we think would best suit our needs. Now all we need if for you guys to weigh in.

First: Would you be open to the layout change?

Second: Which of the three would you like best if we changed the layout?

Option A (The header can be changed here to ad a banner)

Option B


Option C

Colors can/will be changed, we are aiming mostly for "style" reasons! So please keep in mind to vote for visual satisfaction as opposed to color satisfaction!:)

Please let us know what you think!


ETA: Current Counts: Option A- 19 votes; Option B- 17 votes; Option C- 15 votes.

NEW COUNT: Option A- 22; Option B- 22; Option C- 18. (12:12PM CST 11-11-09)

We'd like to get some more votes before we start breaking changing the layout!

Tags would be a good thing, if people would use them but I think if everyone banned together we could make them work :)

Also, I like option A, the set up is lovely and it's easy on the eyes. There's not too much going on. Would also be a good way to organize things on the sidebar, perhaps give room to link to mod post that need to be addressed.

I love the idea of tags, especially if it's set so only those could be used/not added. You know what I mean?

And for the idea of a new layout, I'm all for it, and I chooooooose... B! :D

I'm sure the tags concept will work wonderfully. We're all pretty smart, after all ;) I really like that idea.

I also enjoy Option A. It's very pretty, but simple and easy to navigate.

And some of us ain't so smart :)

So, if I want to view only two of the six tags, how do I tell the journal to show only those two?

Thanks for your help.

I think the tags would be a good idea, although I'm not sure if all the non-RP people are going to stick around--when comms are in spotlight, there's usually an obvious flood of newbies that then trickles out over a few weeks.

And I like option B for a layout. :)

Yay Tags. It would definitely make it much easier, it'll probably just take a bit for everyone to catch on.

The four tags sound great.

As for the layout change, it might be a good idea. I like option B.

Tags could be cool. Scrolling through posts would be that much easier.

As for layouts, I prefer the one in use, but of the three I like B. :]

I, for one, would definitely use the tags. Also, I like either option A, or C.

Tags would be a great help.

And option B looks great.

Good luck and hopefully the madness will pass soon.

I think tags would be a great idea and as for the new layouts: If I had to chose one it would be C.

I'm all for TAGS coming into SWS. It'll totes help clear things up for people who aren't sure if someone's actually wanting RP or if people are just OOCing it up.

I enjoy Option A the best as long as there's more than like 3 entries that can be displayed at a time. (you can't really tell with that preview)

(Note: This is my personal account, but I only participate in SWS as a roleplayer.)

I agree with the tag suggestion- it sounds like a wonderful way to keep things organized.

As for the layout, I prefer B (although I personally wouldn't mind seeing C, either). A's a little painful on the eyes because it's very light-colored font compounded with a predominantly white layout.

But I admit that my eyes might be less white-friendly than most others's D:.

(Deleted comment)
Tagging's worked on a few other coms I'm on. It makes things orderly.

And option A's so prettyyyyyyyyyyy

I think tags sound like a great idea. A simple concept, keeps things organized and easier to pick out.

I absolutely love all of the layouts. I think Option A might be the best one though.

I think having tags would be a good idea. I would definitely use them.

I like option B best for the layout.

I was thinking we might need a second comm, but the tags sound like they would work!

I agree, having a second SWS for the RL journals would be the easiest and cleanest option since most of the members of this community are RP journals.

For what it's worth, I also think tags will clarify a lot. Will there be new rules about responding IC to personal journal posts or will the mods still expect people to self-police that? I don't mean to point fingers just to ask the question.

As for the layouts, I don't really care since mostly I view the community through my friendslist. A and B seem more appealing to me but C might be useful for having Handy Rules out where people might see them.

It will be a matter of self-policing still. The idea is to help clear up any doubts as to what journals are what. Some people are uncomfortable with Characters replying to their Personal post, and vice versa, so this is a method to help void that if possible. The only reasons, hopefully, that a mod should need to step in would be if a dispute gets out of hand.

(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, Mods will be the only ones with the ablitiy to create tags. And we will of course make it so anyone can select a pre-made tag for their post.

Tags are cool by me.

I'm also up for the style change, and cast my vote to Option C.

I think tags would be a fantastic idea! And I like options A and C best.

Tags would be a great start since you can only browse the tags you are interested in, although, I would suggest only two tags: RP journal and RL/personal journal, most of the people who RP are used to the OOC/Meta posts anyway.

As for the layout, my vote goes to C.

I wouldn't mind tagging, but it might be hard to school new users into it.

Option B, or really the plainest layout possible. The current one works well and I'm averse to change.

I love the idea of tagging, as it would free up the status fields a little more. The way they've been used in recent months has been quite annoying to this RPer.

The layouts: I'd be open to change, but I still like the current header graphic. Hopefully that stays? My vote is for option B.

Yes, that is one thing we hope to fix! We've been a bet dumbfounded on how to address the status field abuse.

I am all for the tags. And whatever layout you choose.

I think tags would be great, though I agree with the person who said it might be hard to get some of the newer members to use them (meaning those that are coming in and still aren't reading the rules).

And I'll throw in another vote towards option A.


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