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Fandom tags? Or no fandom tags?
We've been approached several times now about adding fandom tags, seeing as SWS is a large community and tons of post per day. So, we want your opinion. Fandom tags or just leave it how it is.

The good thing about tags is, sometimes people miss post from their fandom friends and this would give them the ability to find them easily. What this bored mod has been doing is compiling a possible list of tags to add. I'd love your input of what tags to have as well concerning fandoms, seeing as I don't know all of them. You can view them below the lj cut below. So leave your opinions. if there's enough 'yay's, then we will start adding them as soon as possible - (I'm going to give it about three days so that people can get their opinions and tag suggestions in.

Edit: clarity on the soon as possible: by this it intentionally meant: as soon as possible being when things are hammered out and a system is devised. and three days meaning: three days for people to get their opinions in (not three days and we're making a decision)

harry potter
whoniverse (includes dr who/torchwood/sarah jane)
the vampire diaries
whedonverse (includes buffy/firefly/dollhouse/whedonstuff)
gossip girl
the walking dead
lord of the rings
true blood

It'd be nice and, as you said, make it easier to find things from friends or just fandom in general (re: new aired episodes). Sometimes looking through everything you can miss it in the amount of posts.

(if yay then sanctuary, stargate & doctor who too?)

Dr who would be included in the whoinverse tag :)

I'm not logging out, but I'm Miri. You know me. Basically, what I think might be a good idea to keep you from getting super overwhelmed is, in the post where it's announced on sws, say that if there's an influx of a new fandom you'll add it yourself, but if you want a fandom added just tell the mods and it'll be added. It saves you a lot of trouble.

Not only do I think fandom tags are totally unnecessary, I fear they will just add clutter to the community as well as create an immense amount of work for the moderators. Who is going to determine when a fandom has enough muses to warrant a tag? And how will the information to add them be communicated? Of course, it's completely up to the moderators how they would like to spend their time and what warrants effort put into the community. But personally, I don't like the idea of it at all. Beyond fearing they will lead to clutter and ridiculous amounts of work, I worry about the elitist nature of them. Most fandom characters I see in sixwordstories come from writers who have no problem in playing cross-fandom. People are already using different sections of the post to indicate their desire as to who replies. Even though I know tagging will be optional, it seems like a good way to create confusion and effectively shut down a significant amount of cross-fandom play.

well for cross fandom, there's still the option of OTA, it would just be a way for people who may not be on a day or two to find post for their fandom mates since in a day sometimes you have to go back 8 to 10 pages for one single day :) I see the point your making though. Thanks for the opinion.

I like the idea, but a lot of people RP from small, obscure fandoms. Would all of those be listed, or have a "miscellaneous" tag, or just go untagged? It's something to think about.

In that case, a miscellaneous tag would be made yes.

if the fandom were to get bigger, then it could get a tag later on down the line.

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I actually love this idea. Like a lot. It seems like you've got most of the more regular canons covered. I'm just curious as to how you're envisioning them being used because some of us cross over into other ponds quite a bit. Would the tag then be utilized for the character's home canon then?

Also, if the nays end up having it, what I usually do when I've been gone for awhile and want to find a particular muse's post, I'll just do the sort by poster option on the comm. Like so... It's also handy for when you're anal and like to link back to entries on the pup journal and forget what all you've posted.

Holy crap. LOL I never knew that sort by poster thing. :| I'm speshul.

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I like the idea.

If nothing else, it would be nice for the OCs in a fandom since the main characters are more recognizable.

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Also when there's only a few players from a fandom around. (Ie when museboxes or people drop out and you have just a couple as with hype goes)

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I say yes. Although I do agree with the issue on the minor fandoms.

Perhaps if we had another tag such as "OTA" or "Cross fandom" that could go along with these fandom ones. So if somebody wanted to hop into another fandom then they would just have to search through the ones tagged as "Cross fandom". Now after refreshing I see something along these lines has already been suggested or whatnot. :/ Still, there you go. A yes from me.

I vote yes, because it would make it more organized.

I'm not sure I understand the need. I think any system would be hard to maintain in an organized way, because this community is so large and there's so much turnover (with characters if not with players).

Then there's the question of what counts as big enough (which I posted above) and what do fandom OCs versus non-fandom OCs use, etc. and a lot of cans of worms that will probably end up causing pointless fighting.

Plenty of dressing-room style communities use tagging, and I understand the draw, but I think on a community as large as this, it's a bit of an unnecessary behemoth. People who want to find posts to tag... do.

I completely agree with this and felt the need to say so. You put it much more eloquently then I.

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Separate tag for every movie?

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I think it would help a lot, but I can imagine doing it retroactively would be painful...

Of course I'd vote for a Highlander tag (How many versions of Methos are there around?), and... I don't know, maybe a 'books' tag for literary characters that don't have a separate more specific tag?

Edited at 2010-11-28 11:31 pm (UTC)

To me it seems unnecessary. I'd like to think that people comment based on the content of the post. Of course I could be wrong, and I don't see so many posts that require actual tags most of that is conveyed in the location and music lines of a post. Though I'm not a part of a big fandom (or any for that matter), so I don't really seek out people only from my series.

How would new tags be added?

I personally think the creation of new tags should be open to everyone. The mods could police the tags page once in a while to make sure everything's going okay, but allowing everyone to make new tags would really lessen the impact for the mods. It would also ensure that every fandom is covered, since individual muns are more likely to know which ones need tags.

This would also lessen the need for grouped together tags, like "whoverse" and "whedonverse" - why would these be grouped together anyway? Especially whedonverse -- just because they're by the same creator doesn't mean they're in the same world or anything.

Also, how many tags would be allowed per post? What if someone has an original character from HP? Could they post the [original character] tag and [book: harry potter] tag, or would this be limited like the roleplay journal/personal journal tags? Would the rp/pj tags be re-done to fit in with the format of the new tags?

I personally think the creation of new tags should be open to everyone.

No, no, no. God no. No. I have been a member of too many LiveJournal communities who have allowed for this kind of thing, and it's the biggest headache of all time. You will end up with half a dozen tags for one single fandom because people will either spell it incorrectly, designate it differently, or even try to push it to the top of the pile by adding unnecessary symbols.

A vote yes from me. I'm one of those people who sometimes can't get on for a few days and end up scrolling through pages to find the various fandom posts I missed. I understand that people worry about elitism and less cross fandom stuff but I think that goes on regardless and whether this will make it easier or not, people are still going to do it.

Basically, yes. :)

I think that would be good. This is my request for a Smallville tag, or just maybe DC Comics / Marvel tags?

I love the idea of a tagging system. As someone who reads every single post every day to make sure I don't miss things--and still do--it'd be nice to have some tags to cheat a bit, especially if I miss a day.

As for what to do about 'fad' fandoms, I think it should follow the Dear_mun style. If there's a few muses showing up and posting regularly over a small period of time, it should warrant its own tag. When we fill up or get close to it, just drop the tags from the fandoms which are no longer active enough, and repeat.

I agree with the OTA tag suggestion. Original fandom tag only need be used in an...original fandom, not in an OC of an existing fandom. (And occasionally there might need to be, say, a 'crack' fandom for when we get talking planets)

Edited at 2010-11-28 11:40 pm (UTC)

What's the litmus test? One week where only one character from a fandom posts? BUt what if that post has 550 responses? It's fine if the mods come up with some sort of hard and fast line to draw about this, but it has to be applied evenly all the time.

Well, it doesn't have to, but it really should.

Edit: Technically anytime any character does something non-canon, it's crack. Once the Doctor, for example, takes on a companion he didn't have in canon... it's crack. And that's really most of the characters on SWS. Adding a crack tag would just add another layer of headaches.

Edited at 2010-11-28 11:44 pm (UTC)

Should have read all the comments first... I'm seeing a lot of people concerned it'll be used for people to single out who not to reply to, but it seems to me anyone who would do that would do it with or without tags. I kind of assume most posts are open to cross-fandom whatever, and I re to whatever looks interesting, But the comm updates so fast, and I'm always afraid I'll miss posts from my character's own fandom, trying to sort through pages and pages and pages of posts. Being able to find those easily wouldn't stop me from replying to others, too. It also helps because I've seen characters post and I couldn't tell what fandom they were from due to obscure journal names and lack of info on their own journals.

Also, as a relatively new comm member, I didn't know what 'OTA' meant at first, so when I first looked in here I wasn't sure who I could and couldn't respond to.

Also, yes. I agree with this. In fact, with the fandom tags, I'd say that would actually give me more time to check the fandom I'm looking for and still go and tag interesting cross fandom ones

I vote yes to fandom tags!

Can we get a "Veronica Mars" one too though? I've noticed a lot more RPers for it cropping up in SWS lately. :O And then maybe a catch-all "obscure" tag.

Personally, I think this discussion has made one thing very clear. Despite the popularity of this idea, I don't think these tags are something that need to be added "as soon as possible." Moderators themselves have left comments here indicating they aren't quite sure how to handle all the fine details of this idea. I understand it's just now being put up for discussion. That's a really good thing, and I think it's garnered a lot of great discussion. Obviously quite a few people really enjoy this idea and consider it potentially helpful for their play in the community. But I don't think there's any reason to just gallop into tagging "as soon as possible." Get all the fine details worked out first so it doesn't just make more work for everyone in the long run.

Seconded, if seconding matters at all. There's a lot to discuss, if this is going to be open for discussion. If it's not... well, the mods have already asked for our input.

(Deleted comment)
I think it might be better to separate Whedonverse into the actual shows. For Whoniverse I can understand it being combined because they do all take place in the same canon universe. Combining Whedonverse, however, is more practical in memes and such because there's usually a relatively small concentration of those with interest in any of the separate shows. But it's a lot more varied in a community at large, and not everyone interested in Firefly is intersted in Buffy; the same can even be said of those interested in Angel and those interested in Buffy. Just personally I think it would be best to separate it into distinct canons, those being Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Firefly/Serenity.

Also, would any tagging system used apply just to the original post or to the responses as well? I've had posts where characters from five different fandoms responded.

I can see where it could be either incredibly useful or incredibly confusing. And I have no earthly idea where my own character would even fall. He's a werewolf OC, not from any fandom, but most of his stuff has ended up with angel and demon muses. I'd tend to tag him under "mythology," but I don't know...

This is my question as well. Sam here's an OC without a fandom, but he has verses that are part of Heroes and Whoniverse, too. Will it be warranted that I tag his posts with a Heroes and Whoniverse tag?

It's a bad idea, all around. If someone wants to find a post from their fandom bad enough, they'll search for it. Like people have been doing on this comm for years now. If not, there's nothing stopping them from posting something of their own to bait a response. While yes, this community is large, I don't think it's as big as something like dear_mun, where tags are necessary to sort out the chaos.

Also, there will definitely be problems as to what fandoms get which tags when. In theory, merging dying or dead fandoms into a miscellaneous tag sounds nice in theory, in practice, I bet you it's going to be a headache for staff, because fandoms fluctuate in activity here. One week there might be a ton of muses in a fad and it's agreed that this fandom should get a tag. The next week, maybe three posts are coming in from that fandom, so it's thrown in miscellaneous. Maybe a month later, there's another explosion of muses from that fandom, and you're stuck with the problem of creating that tag, and tagging subsequent posts into that fandom. The cycle continues from then. Are the mods willing to untag and retag every post from that fandom? Will only the posts with the flavor of the month get that tag, or is someone going to sort through all the misc. posts in order to put the old ones back into that fandom?

There's no reason to change the tags unless the tag list is full. Once they are, drop the tags that are no longer active until they are active again, generally speaking there should never be a time when so many fandoms are active all tags will be unable to be removed.


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