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New Comers
We would like to welcome all new comers to the community; however, we feel we must continue to stress that you read the community rules before you post. At this point in time all mods will simply begin deleting post without warning if rules are broken. If your posts are gone, we suggest you reread the community rules. There is simply too many post for us to continue handing out warnings for each one.

To our current, long standing members who have been attempting to help curb spamming, and inform new comers of our rules: Thank you. We are afraid this week will be long for us all, and we appreciate your patience in the face of aggravation. For those that are concerned with being unable to tell RP journals from Personal Journals, we suggest for the time being that you denote the post in the location tabs as being "Roleplay Journal". This might help curb some frustrations. If you have concerns, worries, or suggestions please reply to this post or PM the Mod journal.

Secondly, while frustrating, let us remind everyone to be polite to our newest members. If you are too frustrated with the influx to reply in a courteous manner, please refrain from commenting to the posters. We would like to have any and all frustrations taken out, or to us instead of our members.

Thank you,

((Lastly: This mod can use the correct words, she swears.))

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Thank you for the reminder to older members.

Seeing the mean spiritedness is more disheartening than seeing a newbie rulebreaker.

May I suggest that posts be tagged "non-Roleplay Journal" or even "personal journal"? Since the vast majority of posts in this community are RP in nature, it seems only fair that the minority should be the ones to tag their posts.

I would normally agree, however the people that have been complaining about this have been Roleplayers. This gives them a method to help each other out as the new comers seem to have little preference to if it is RP or Personal journal.

Yeah, I see what you mean. And I'm not giving you guys a hard time, honestly. You work way too hard for that. I'm just kind of :\ because it feels like we have to scramble around and add this and change that and these people aren't going to stick around anyway. Once we're no longer in the LJ Spotlight it'll go back to the way it was before.

No one can ever say who will stay and who will not. There have been many a things to happen to the community that people have claimed would not last. The change will everyone good, I think, once things settle.

Just a suggestion, so take this with a grain of salt, maybe you should tag this post as first? That way it's always on the front page and people see it, always?

Oh, no. That does make sense. Thank you for pointing it out.

I don't understand what a RP journal is as opposed to a personal journal and why it matters to tag it here?

A "Roleplay" or "RP" journal is a fictional character created for the purpose of being 'played' or 'written' for by individuals. This characters range from characters from TV shows, to original characters created by posters. They interact in the community in various manners the way characters in a book would go about things.

The reason for the tagging is because not every RPer likes to interact with 'Real people', that is to say- they would not want their characters to talk to you because they find it too awkward. This way people can easily glance at a journal, and know if it is a character or a person posting. Then they will decide if they wish to reply or not.

Thank you for this distinction. I'm new and thought the personal journal meant if it was a personal journal or a "writing" journal. I appreciate the enormous effort this must be for a community to have an influx of people!

Saying that, I'm glad you were spotlighted. I'm happy to have found something dedicated to short stories.

I feel bad for you guys being featured on the home page. Usually, it seems like it'd be kind of cool, but with the influx of ignorance, it just seems like a hassle.

But hooray to you guys sticking it out.

The influx could go smoother if people would simply read the rules, I have to say. My patience is slowly starting to crack, as are those of the other two mods. Wish us luck for the rest of the week!

I just noticed you had your mod post in six words. That's so ninja. :)

We are clever little buggers, aren't we? :)

Thanks for all your hard work, mods. I'd have lost my patience long before you did, with old and new members alike!

We're just doing our job (and maybe going a little gray-haired for it.)

I realized last night that I had made multiple posts in an hour. Sorry! I was over-enthusiastic. I understand the rules now and realize personal j. over roleplay j. :)
Thank you for being so patient.

I just wanted to express my enormous thanks to you guys. You've been really fabulous and cool under this pressure and I think you're making this whole transition a lot easier for everyone! So, yeah. Thanks. :3

Er. Hello your modliness, I have a quick question for you. I've been out large LJ RP games for a while now and of course, new things always occur when you're away. So my question to you is, what exactly does "OTA" mean.

I know it's probably going to be something obvious after you tell me. Thanks in advance!

OTA simply means "open to all". Hope that helps.

Of course, right after I posted that question, I thought I figured it out. But at least I know I was right. Thanks so much!

Can we please get a new layout?

We'll see about looking for one.

I'm sorry to bother you, but there is sales-spam being posted to SWS.

Hello :)

I'm wondering why I've been declined entry into the community. I just recently started to post on LiveJournal after 17+ year hiatus and I'm trying to get more involved in LJ and meet some people. Any help with joining new communities would be appreciated. This community seemed like an awesome one to be apart of. I hope to learn more about why I've been declined. Thanks!

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