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This is going to be added to the user info soon, however, we would like to introduce to the community- Tagging!

The tags are: roleplay journal, personal journal, ooc and meta. A fifth tag 'mod post' will be added just so people can track back to our post quick and easy.

The addition of the OOC and META tags are to be reduce the information put in statues tabs. That means, unless it is important please try not to use them! We would like to keep the status notes short and sweet!

Also! Reminders- you may use LJ-Cuts to also display important OOC/Meta notes if need be, but again- try to keep them around six words.

Thank you for your input! If you still want to have a say on the layout, by all means get in there and tell us what you think!



EDIT: Let me add this- try to only use one tag at a time. I think we can all safely assume that if you are posting with the "ooc" or "meta" tags that it is an RP journal.

I apologized for the short/sweetness of this post, my brain is going on me.

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I have a question. I've been a member of the community for years with various and sundry RP journals. I just added this one today as she's my newest muse and I'd like to play around with her voice before I bring her into a structured game. I had no trouble posting with her or anything, but I was completely unable to tag the post "roleplay journal" or anything else, for that matter. I can add tags with my other muses just fine so tagging doesn't seem to be down. I'm wondering if it's a new member thing, or a Plus Journal vs. Paid journal thing, or what, or if you even have any idea what might be going on.

Her post in question is here: I went ahead and put that it was a RP journal in the location as we were doing during the influx of people before there were tags, just so there was no confusion, but if there's a way to fix/something else I should do, please let me know.

Thanks. :-)

Update--I paid for her journal and was able to tag once I'd done so--but I should have been able to tag with a Plus journal, so I don't know if that's an LJ thing or a comm thing and just wanted to alert you to the trouble. I don't need assistance myself anymore, but it still seemed very, very odd, as all journals should be able to use tags you've made.

Thanks for all the work you do!

I'm sorry I got to this late! However, I'm not really sure what that problem is. I, myself, have a number of paid and unpaid accounts that I could tag just fine with. This problem I think is LJ over out layout. At least that is the best I can tell.

If you have anymore issues, please let me know!

Hey, so I was thinking, I know we have a lot of personal journals who post here and everything, but do you think it'd be possible to instate some kind of "[fandom] ____" tag as well like dear_mun has? There aren't a whole lot of fandoms that post here and we could request them here after, like, 3 or so posts under the same fandom have been made. SWS gets a lot of traffic and I can't help thinking it might make it easier for everyone.

Just a suggestion~♥

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