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Last update of the 2009.
As the year passes us by, the last few hours ticking away as we busy ourselves with stories, and memories, the mod team for sixwordstories would like to extend everyone a fond Happy New Year. But while we get ready to don our party hats, and cheer the Merry Old Year away, we have some small house cleaning notes to add.

First and fore most, let us remind everyone that they should conduct themselves in a polite, friendly manner. While those that Roleplay have characters that are far from the nicest people ever, the players themselves should conduct themselves with the understanding that honey is much nice than vinegar. If you cannot be polite, if you cannot mind your manners (particularly involving a post that you feel violates the rules) drop a note to the mods and let us deal with it. After all, this is our job!

Secondly, running your words together to create one word has been over looked in the past. We invite creativity in all manners. However the frequency and length of these words seems to be gradually growing. While this is not a hard, fast rule at the moment, be aware that we will look at these words very carefully. If we feel you've taken our leniency too far, the post will be deleted. After all thisreallyisstillsixwords even if it looks like one at a glance. At the most, for now, we will continue to be lenient if it is limited to two words smushed together once per post. Common sense is the name of this game.

Third, we've noticed that some posting in the comm have used more than one tag per-post (sometimes using both the Personal journal and Roleplay journal tags.) We do ask that you use one tag; the one that most applies. Here is a brief explanation for what the tags mean should you not understand, or know.

Personal Journal: This is a your own journal, the one where you post your daily life story, or just want music you like best. The this journal is for you, the poster. Not a character that you've created in your head.

Roleplay Journal: A Roleplay journal is a fictional character(s) journal where they written by the all powerful player (You). The things that are posted here are often fictional in most nature, detailing the lives of a character from day to day. People do this in many ways, too. Some have these journals act as a 'livejournal for the character', meaning that the character post and acts much like any other blogger. They conduct conversation online, and meet various people via the world wide web. Others treat the journals as simply a play to post stories that occur in the character's life. Everything is action based, and often in third person. Action can be expressed several ways, but usually rather clearly distinguished from dialogue.

Meta: Meta is often a considered a character's awareness of things outside the realm of his/her play. For example, the character's awareness of his own fandom would be, in a sense, considered Meta. After all, Harry Potter would not be aware that he was a fictional character in a book while in character. However, in a meta context Harry could discuss his book with another character that, by chance, happens to be reading his book. What is meta and what isn't if often up to each player separately, but is distinguished from Out of character (OOC) post/actions in that the player does not drop character while discussing things. (And by this logic, you really wouldn't be OOC and Meta at the same time. :| )

OOC: Out of Character. This is probably the simplest. Used for Character journals when the player wishes to speak as the player and not the character. The suspension of belief is dropped completely, and the discussion is not relevant to the character. Sometimes at least. Usually OOC post would be something like a question about threads, or perhaps, updating others on the player's status (such as being out of town, and not free for RP.)

Hopefully that helps clear up any more confusion on that those topics.

Lastly, we would like to again stress the need to keep any notes in the Location and Music slot short and to the point. If you think you need to be more verbose, perhaps this isn't the place best suited to your needs. If you have a lot to point out, use a link. If you want to define a verse (and that verse is long) use acronyms. If you want to apply it to several verses at once, ACRONYMS. (Are we getting an idea here?) If you want to explain your verse, links. If you want to put a year, or city? Do it. But writing a whole sentence? Mm, we'd rather not see that. We'd also rather not have to take this option away from players. So, here it is: Keep it short, simple, and concise. Remember that after the few ruin it for the whole, so encourage others to do that same.

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that the Music Slot allows for HTML, so links to context, verse, things of the like can be placed there. And we just tried this, and find it very awesome personally. The things we learn never cease to amaze us.

And this concludes the Mod Team update. Everyone have a happy and safe New Year. Don't drive under the influence, and don't let your friends drive drunk either.

~Your Mods.

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I've added a tag and I can't seem to remove it. Can you help?

If you give me a link to any post you tagged wrong, and let me know which tag, I can remove it for you. Community tag rules only allow for the moderators to remove that tags after they've been selected.

I deleted both. You just have to go back in and add the one you wanted.

Have fun!

There is no where else to report this, but this has to be deleted.

Holocaust jokes on a public comm shouldn't be allowed.

I'm discussing this with my co-mods. This is a hard one given their canon.

It's understandable to a point, however given that this is a fictional muse and the people they are offending are very real I think it should be taken down.

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