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Fandom tags? Or no fandom tags?
We've been approached several times now about adding fandom tags, seeing as SWS is a large community and tons of post per day. So, we want your opinion. Fandom tags or just leave it how it is.

The good thing about tags is, sometimes people miss post from their fandom friends and this would give them the ability to find them easily. What this bored mod has been doing is compiling a possible list of tags to add. I'd love your input of what tags to have as well concerning fandoms, seeing as I don't know all of them. You can view them below the lj cut below. So leave your opinions. if there's enough 'yay's, then we will start adding them as soon as possible - (I'm going to give it about three days so that people can get their opinions and tag suggestions in.

Edit: clarity on the soon as possible: by this it intentionally meant: as soon as possible being when things are hammered out and a system is devised. and three days meaning: three days for people to get their opinions in (not three days and we're making a decision)

harry potter
whoniverse (includes dr who/torchwood/sarah jane)
the vampire diaries
whedonverse (includes buffy/firefly/dollhouse/whedonstuff)
gossip girl
the walking dead
lord of the rings
true blood

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I'm not sure I understand the need. I think any system would be hard to maintain in an organized way, because this community is so large and there's so much turnover (with characters if not with players).

Then there's the question of what counts as big enough (which I posted above) and what do fandom OCs versus non-fandom OCs use, etc. and a lot of cans of worms that will probably end up causing pointless fighting.

Plenty of dressing-room style communities use tagging, and I understand the draw, but I think on a community as large as this, it's a bit of an unnecessary behemoth. People who want to find posts to tag... do.

I completely agree with this and felt the need to say so. You put it much more eloquently then I.

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