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Perhaps the last two times you were banned? The message didn't exactly get through your head. This is the last time, before I go and get your ISP blocked that I will be addressing this. You are not welcome in SWS. You have been told this numerous times, your "sister" has been told numerous times. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME> STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE COMMUNITY.

How much more do you need done to get it through your head hmm? I have been nice, I have been tolerable. However, I'm really getting tired of you coming back. Just because you make a new journal? Doesn't mean you're welcome. There's other communities like sws out there. such as Just_say_it or justsixwords. Perhaps you'd be better off there.

The end.

This is in regards to betty ross's mun and her characters that I know of.

The following have been banned from the community because of the fact they have caused problem in the past, complains have made against them and prior messages to them? Have been ignored. Therefore, after thier actions in this post they are now banned from the community and will NOT be allowed back in.

Any questions or regards concerning this that comes to me as bitching/ Will be ignored. You know why you were banned and it stands and shall stand. The end.

There is NOT room for discussion.


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